Vetements caused a sensation at Paris Fashion Week


Imagine a fashion show in Paris where you may not have a frowning model sea in a flea market, and an aggressive synthesizer soundtrack will boom.
That is the Vetements2018 Fall Winter Collection, set up by Paul Bert Serpette, the world’s oldest antique market, in the French capital of Saint-Ouen.

In just a few years, Vetements has become one of the most influential brands in the fashion world from obscurity, creating witty jokes that have drawn the internet economy, such as the infamous £ 185 DHL T-shirt, into the fashion world Hot summer 2016.
This time there is no single sign at home. It’s a program designed to improve heart rate, not just music, because the models come together in fashion shows, so many garments in so many charity models that it’s hard to know where to look .

It started with Vetements’ stylist and fashion show regular Lotta Volkova in sunglasses and a restrained tank top. She also wears a charming headdress, there are many models, they often wear baseball caps peeking from the front.

Rough slogans appeared on T-shirts – from “I do not care, thanks,” to “I’m not deaf, I just ignore you.” – From camouflage pants to Marilyn Manson shorts, patented Zürich postcard boots, Fashion magazine recently relocated fashion goddess.

A scarf around the shoulder, a coat and a shirt on the belt and coat. There are so many levels, and sometimes the massive silhouette of the model reminds people of Joey’s immediate donation of all Chandler’s clothing.

Trend watchers have been concerned about the fashion trends, from socks to “ugly chic” sneakers, top hoodies and worn jeans and so on. From a footwear standpoint, the next big thing is likely to be a thick bottom Buffalo boot training Hybrid vehicles, the Camden market in 1996 looks inappropriate.