14 essential recovery tools when you crazily cramp pain


This is often a killer exercise that causes wandering on the couch (hey, you earned it). But when you can not stop your thigh swinging, you’ll recall that there may be better ideas.

If you want to wake up to tomorrow’s workouts instead of faltering like a duck – or someone sticking with one of their $ s – then you’ll need at least one of these recovery tools. Some of them (such as foam rollers, sticks and balls) provide deep-tissue massage, helping to increase blood flow and thus speed recovery; others (pack and salt) reduce inflammation and reduce pain after exercise. Whatever approach you choose, you can find better fitness results in less time because you are ready to get back to you when you do not feel painful AF.

SKLZ roller
Think about your introduction to bubble rolling, a form of self-muscle fascia release that you want to crave after every tough workout. Roll it around your quadrilateral, hamstring, IT belt – basically any feeling of tension – when you feel pain, feel so good and release as much weight on your roller as you can. The more you sink into it, the more you will feel it, but believe us, this relief is all sorts of worthwhile.
2. Rolflex
The Los Angeles Lakers head coach agrees that this weird recovery tool is actually effective. The obvious use is for larger lower body muscles, but thanks to an ergonomic design and interchangeable attachments, you can easily target difficult-to-roll parts like arms, neck and wrists.
3. Rod travel stick
When your main goal is to provide something that you want to bring to the game outside of that country, the first thing to do is a bubble drum. (Or, to be honest, it does not even have it in the trunk.) That’s why a travel stick is ideal: it takes up little space – and can even throw it in an oversized wallet or backpack – You can customize the depth of massage you want based on the pressure you exert.
4. Positive pressure and negative pressure II
Nearly 800 customers gave this near-perfect score on Amazon, so you know that’s a must. Curved fittings are designed to be hard to reach in your neck, shoulders and back: hook one end of your shoulder and apply as much pressure as you can to handle these sore spots. Although it’s divided into two sections for traveling, if you pull it out of the bag it may seem like trying to wind someone up … so maybe save it in a hotel room.
5. Moji foot PRO
If there’s a place that does not get enough love, that’s your foot, plus more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments. But a little TLC can prevent a lot of damage, so put this little guy in the fridge before you go to work or long hours. When you come back, the stainless steel field is ready to give your barking cold, relieve muscle massage.
6. TriggerPoint MB2 massage roller
If the fallback problem is causing serious damage to your training (or your life), this wheel is your new recovery tool. Designed to be adjustable, you can extend to a larger muscle aimed at your back, or zoom out to work along your small spine muscle. This can help increase flexibility; release tightness; and support good, upright posture. (You know, in order to crack down on all the crouching things in front of your desk)
TheraBand elastic band
Stretching always feels better when someone is there to help you push a little further, but let’s make it a reality – how often do people really stretch you out in the neighborhood? Throwing this strap into your fitness bag is a better choice. It can help you stretch more deeply, even with numbers in the loop, so you can easily track improvements in agility and range of motion. Use toe ring to solve heel pain, prevent plantar fasciitis, and thigh tendon, limbs and lower back movement.

8. Gaiam Sports MaxStrap
When reaching (or exceeding) touching your toes is almost impossible, a cotton strap can give you the stretch support you need without digging into your skin. This one is very long, so tall athletes do not stay to deal with tight muscular solos.
Dr. cold package
Ice packs are a solid part of the RICE approach (rest, ice, compression, lift), but more often they slip and refuse to place. The package stays in place and provides compression, knocking out two steps in one go.
10. Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt dipping solution
If you can not stand the idea of ??an ice bath, or do not feel the need to torture yourself, choose a soak in the relaxing hot water. At the same time as two glasses of Epsom salts (aromatic varieties offer ~ aromatherapy spa ~ vibrations), minerals can be absorbed into the skin and provide much needed relief for muscle soreness.
11. 2XU refresh recovery leggings
It is debatable whether compression is effective during exercise, but studies show that post-rehabilitation work may be accelerated after intense work. Although the price is a bit high, these babies can help increase blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness and swelling after a day of killer. worth it.
12. EC3D crew Twist socks
Not everyone wants to be alert to the world, they wear compression gear. The socks of these crew members are not noticed, but the benefits are not. You can twist the material to help the correct pronation or supination, and relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. Finally, a neutral pace will not make you feel knee weak.
13. Zensah compression ankle / leg sleeve
This is good when the recovery device looks cool, but it is better when the design elements actually do. Fold cuffs on these sleeves slide over your arch to provide structural support against plantar fasciitis pain. Chevron ribs help relieve the tibial splint, and tip compression provides targeted calf and ankle support.
14. Basil Compresses the sleeve of a light calf
These medical-grade calfskin sleeves are not your average pull-on socks. Ankle 30 mmHg, leg 20 mmHg (mmHG the higher the feeling of the more tight), progressive compression helps to deoxygenated blood back to the heart (quickly get up), may reduce the calf muscle vibration, so in After a day’s sprint, you will not feel any pain.