Sit-ups are the best exercises for abdominal muscles?


Even if you do not want six packs and believe us, it is not worth it – you may have done some abs exercises. You’ve heard that a strong core has many benefits, from improving your posture to preventing injuries, and if you are honest, you also want the kind of elusive flat stomach. So you join sit-ups to your workout.

But research shows that the path to the flatter stomach is the same as the heart and diet, just as it did when running mid-section. (These are just some of the things that make you question whether your life is a lie.) Sit-ups do not get rid of the waist of most of us, but instead use hard muscles instead.

For beginners, “point reduction” (aka a specific area for body fat) is the myth of a gym. Focus on abdominal exercises is not the way to get rid of belly fat. This is because fat is broken down and delivered into the bloodstream, and when it is used as a fuel, it can come from anywhere in the body. So while a dozen crunches can make your abdominal muscles feel like burning, fat can burn elsewhere. (Sneaky ?!)

Your plan of action
If you want to strengthen your abdominal muscles, sit-ups are just one of the exercises you should do. Sit-ups aim at the surface muscles – those who give us six packs. But for a truly strong core, you also need to target your body, back, psoas and buttock muscles. This means you should add something like boards, twists and rushes to your routines.
If you’ve decided to let your entire world see your abs, then you also need to think about your diet. Most nutritionists recommend reducing carbohydrates and eating more lean proteins, such as turkey or chicken.