21st Century Hollywood: How Silicon Valley Becomes the World Trend Capital


When Duncan Selbie, chief executive of England’s public health department, warned of “the danger of sitting at his desk” all day, the flow out of Silicon Valley was clear and called for employers to introduce “walking meetings” To relieve stress and back pain in the workforce. Pacesetter pioneer is Steve Jobs, this habit deeply rooted in the Silicon Valley culture, Frank Gehry designed Facebook headquarters with four hectares of wildflowers with wifi function Grass, a little dotted milkshake along the way. On Prince Street in Soho, New York, the latest boutiques that stand side by side with Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren are the first evidence of a real Silicon Valley-inspired fashion. As Joey Zwillinger, a San Francisco-based co-founder, told New York observers, Allbirds, these very strict wool shoes at Googleplex, are telling architects, interior designers, musicians and performers Artist “creative class spread.

Ravi Belani, director of alchemist at Stanford University, a pioneering accelerator and entrepreneurial lecturer, says: “Free sushi, massage chairs, heated toilet seats – the top employees here are all celebrities Silicon Valley is 200 miles from the Sierra Nevada, a place of gold dating from the 19th century, 500 miles from the 20th century-born Los Angeles Mountains and Silicon Valley has become Hollywood in the 21st century.If you want to get rich quick and fame Bebe Chueh, one of the founders of Atrium, a law firm that specializes in helping startups, says: “It’s not like the beautiful people here,” but you can speed up your business here.You do not have to go through the corporate structure For years, and when you’re 22. You can do it when you’re 22 years old. “Anjula Acharia, celebrity manager and partner at Trinity Ventures, says people are still wearing jackets in technology and they still look a bit weird The style is definitely not New York or London, but they have become the world’s elite people see They want to be part of this world. ”

“Twenty years ago, when we started lastminute.com, technology was completely weird and weird,” recalled Martha Lane Fox, a cross-bench associate and Twitter board member. “At that time, people still wondered whether the Internet would really be one thing.As a relatively young woman, want to get involved in this world, I feel very weird. And, although not enough women, which The perception has changed. There is a huge cultural shift. ”
“The Vengeance of the Heroes” is Lady Gaga’s former agent, Troy Carter, now a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, who described the change. Last year, Carter published an article in Time magazine about the feeling of having a barbecue in Silicon Valley. “Power is shifting.” Nova dust from Silicon Valley glass office has not been ignored by the fashion industry. Virgil Abloh, co-founder of Kanye West, Off-White, may be the hottest name in the fashion world, attending the iPhone X launch in September with friends Apple chief design officer Jony Ive and Angela Ahrendts, Apple Inc. Senior vice president of retail, wearing a pink lace Burberry trench coat (Ahrendts served as Burberry CEO until 2014).
In the same month, Alexander Wang, a New York-based fashion designer who was born in San Francisco, until recently liked Ralph Lauren’s wishes because his desire to start talking about wanting to be more like Amazon. “Obviously, the huge opportunity is digital, and I do not think there is a life brand that works like a technology company today,” he said. “Imagine a brand creative director like Amazon.” What would that look like? “Karl Lagerfeld, with his modern-day instincts, turned Chanel into a popular culture powerhouse, The ideal design for a fashion week calling card – Paris streets at night – Versailles Gardens. Last October, he set up a data center for his performance, colorful tweed clothing was wrapped around the Ethernet cable.

Silicon Valley’s Charm The Miranda Kerr, who roughly measured Victoria’s secret by marrying the model (Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel), in May), show off the party (Sean Parker’s fantasy-themed mahogany forest wedding, according to Newspaper at a cost of 10 million U.S. dollars) and glossy magazine cover (the mirror is called “GQ’s first Silicon Valley gender symbol” Italian fashion Uomo two years ago cover). Not to mention the movie (Social Network 2010), bold name investors (Jay-Z in Uber, Ashton Kutcher in Airbnb) and er, ambitions on the planet (Elon Musk just gave up his way to Mars) . According to Ryan Fox, the core of all this is the new reality that “science and technology are at our very heart – and so are celebrities.” Managing social media is now an important part of being a model or pop star, so in a way they are high-tech stars.

The financial crisis played a role in the Hollywood transformation in Silicon Valley. “Many Ivy League graduates who wanted to make money on Wall Street began migrating to Silicon Valley after 2008. Belani said:” Being an entrepreneur has a new sensuality. He added: “There is such a negative import: a fraternity or fraternity culture that comes with this intake, and since she moved to San Francisco in 2011, Chueh has seen a physical and cultural shift. “Gradually, the ecosystem moved from Cupertino to San Francisco, where it was more about web applications and technologies – not about hardware and semiconductors. “The Chichi Club has appeared in this city: Battery, this year’s Modernist, 2015. The size of Silicon Valley’s self has been mapped to pages of architectural journals that have tracked the arms race in the architectural design office over the past decade At Airbnb there is a copy of the war room for Dr. Strangelove, the size of the new ApplePark spacecraft comparable to Pharaonic Pyramids.

Silicon Valley has created a new culture in which work looks like play (ping pong tables at the reception, W1A bean bags), and even on weekends, it is irresponsible. Lane Fox said: “It’s rooted in a brutal reality, that’s when you run a website, it’s always there.” It’s not like a store. You do not have to close it. “It has become a symbol of honor to combine the mission of creating myths in Silicon Valley with a workaholic culture,” said Chueh, “The idea here is that work and play are integrated. “It is not your job to get paid from nine o’clock to five o’clock.This is an extension of your passion.”
Working hours were affected, and although pioneering culture was promoted by the team’s all-powerful pizza, Silicon Valley gradually absorbed California’s native health. Free M & M bowl has been replaced by meditation pod. In Apple Park, the fruits of 9,000 drought-resistant trees will be harvested for use in the canteen, which will serve 14,000 lunches each day. Parallel to ketonic diets and bullet-proof lovers, Silicon Valley is the driving force behind the vegetarian boom and is keen on new areas for healthy, sustainable human-made meat products. Belani said: “Now vegan is cool.

In contrast to the passion for aggressive eating and alternative workspace, Silicon Valley’s fashion is obviously the key to low profile. The time it takes to make a tailor’s decision is a better time to work. Form follows the function. Chueh said: “You have to look at the weather and know the dress code here.” It can be cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon, so these are all about hierarchy: a T-shirt and a hoodie. On the other hand, there is no real season. So, unlike Boston, your wardrobe is the same throughout the year. ”

“When I was in Silicon Valley and not Hollywood, I was wearing a completely different way.” For example, no one here wore high heels, so if you do, it becomes one thing. ”
Flats, jeans and backpack uniforms are technically unisex, but men’s gray muddy gray leans and lifts up a very male-looking mirror. Ryan Fox said: “It’s still a male-dominated industry, especially in the top industries, and that should be enough to get us suspended, because the culture is growing in influence and setting the agenda on more arenas Just like the Lone Ranger, the anarchistic thinking that can be an exciting advance in start-up culture becomes even more dangerous because of the tremendous control of technology and shaping every aspect of our lives from the news we read on Facebook Private Thoughts Are Open As a result of Google’s search history, Silicon Valley’s aggressive attitudes toward nutrition could turn out to be the gateway to more extreme versions of biological hacking, and Ambrosia claims from earlier studies (although the scientific community is cautious about the results so far) .

Yes, it sounds ridiculous. However, not too long ago, for some time – not long ago, you may be skeptical of the prediction that by 2015 ordinary British children will have less outdoor time than highly-secure prisoners (on average, less than an hour, while the United Nations guidelines It should be 60 minutes). Or a third of British preschool children will have their own iPad. However, coming out of Cupertino changed all that. Silicon Valley is in many ways a new Hollywood, but there’s one key difference: this time it’s not just illusory.