Furry friends: UGG boots threaten the fashion recovery


If Vogue magazine, the Parisian fashion show and celebrities are trustworthy, then UGG boots – those ridiculous sheepskin shoes that helped define the retro style – are threatening to return to fashion.

“Rihanna and Sienna (Miller) lead Ugg boots revival,” Vogue announced this week, in the two most influential fashion industry was found wearing beige boots. Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum have also been seen recently as a pair of athletes, with actress Anna Faris wearing Uggs earlier this month wedding.
Uggs also appeared in the sharpest incarnation at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week last week. They are elephants and thighs in California’s Y / Project; wearing them is like “putting your thighs in butter,” says Glenn Martens, a footwear designer. They are also stars of influential Japanese luxury brand Sacai, wearing gray or camel colors, plus thick knit red and white vamps.

The history of Uggs is very controversial. The word “ugg” is a generic word for slippers in Australia and the Ugg brand was launched in California in 1978. In 2000, Oprah Winfrey recognized their fashion heyday and they gained further advancement in the UK In 2004, Sienna Miller wore a pair of fallen maroon pair of shoes to Glastonbury Glastonbury). In Australia and the United States, Uggs represents a relaxed, surfing lifestyle that lures part-time celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker, who often wear lattes in Los Angeles.

In spite of their occasional appearance in recent years, their fashion brands have occasionally appeared: in 2012, Kate Moss took photos of his mid-leg black shot while walking his dog. In 2015, Vogue’s current advocacy Put forward: “Isn it’s time for us to embrace our most responsible fashion?” Last year in partnership with Jeremy Scott, Uggs was decorated with a flame print or inlaid with jewelry, British brand Preen once again aroused the interest of fashion bags.

Not everyone will be happy to meet their rewards. In 2010, Dr Ian Drysdale, president of the British College of Orthopedic Medicine, expressed concern that Ugg-style boots lack support, saying problems that could lead to ankles, hips and back. He said: “Just because something becomes fashion or fashion does not mean that it is good or right.
Podiatrist podiatrist Emma McConnachie’s point of view is more relaxed. “Because of the many similar footwear on the market, I would not specifically choose Ugg as a brand, which tends to be slightly better and heels stronger, but many of the cheaper brands do not offer any support at all.” As for fashion shows On the dress, she added: “I always recommend wearing shoes that is tailored to the needs of your feet and the activities you are doing.”

Ugg’s recent partnership with the fashion show brand is part of a strategy that partially drives the emerging international marketing strategy. Boots are – using the derogatory term – “basic”, a North American concept that is understood elsewhere in the Ugg brand. Andrea O’Donnell, President of Lifestyle Brands, recently told WWD’s trade publication about Ugg holding company Deckers Brands.

Of O’Donnell, of course, UGG boots are always popular. She described them as “one of the ugly icons – cool – but I think it’s a very special thing.” Fashion brands such as Balenciaga and Vetements have been wantonly making ugly, awkward costumes, the height of styles, and the same ugly shoe brands Crocs and Birkenstocks as she may have a point of view at the fashion show.