Perfect … Sussex pond pudding


According to Regula Ysewijn’s brilliant investigation of our best contribution to world cuisine, Pride And Pudding, for the first time in Hannah Wolley’s 1672 collection, The Queen’s Wardrobe The Queen-Closet pops up, though after a few iterations, the idea – a soft, rich pastry box, sweet, buttered fruit filling – has never been outdated.

This is the perfect dessert for this time of the year, when citrus fruits were the best and the weather demanded stronger than orange fruit salad or lemon sorbet: bright, understated, warm and comfortable, Sussex’s pond pudding was British At the best.

Although the fruit is full of attention, the backbone of any such pudding is its pastry – here it means suet. (Normally, I did not find recipes that could replace butter, but of course vegetable oils are also available if you wish; note that these recipes are usually made from palm oil). For those of you who are not aware of the origins of these tiny white maggots, the suet is derived from the stearin that surrounds the cow or sheep’s kidney, known for its high melting point, producing a rich and tasty pastry. Traditionally, it was originally sold fresh, but now the product has appeared dehydrated, although a good slaughter should be able to get some help.
In fact, Jane Grigson laid out fresh goat lipids in British Food and I also used it for the “Great Britain” by HJ Glover to Florence White in 1932 Good thing “formula, he claims to be” nurse near “by the 1880s, putting it firmly in the pre-Atora era. It offers a richer, only very weak result, testers remind them of the right chip ( Not surprisingly, there is no vegetarian option available today.) If you can find these things, give it a try, but according to most people I’ve tested the recipe below.

The modern version uses a booster to make the pastry slightly lighter, but since this is a relatively new phenomenon, I separate it from Glover’s “Good Shea Butter” and the result is predictable – you might Kill a man with this shell. Delia Smith adds breadcrumbs to her pastry, which may absorb fat and make it brighter, but they do not seem to contribute so unless you have something that you need to run out of, I will keep it clear.
In fact, this should be a simple slogan: the meringue should work like a fluffy sheet, and in my opinion, the cream (too thick) Ysewijn used to moisturise it, or sugar, egg and blackcurrant Recipes in Glover. Even a lemon peel in Smith’s pastry feels like lily-like fruit, but Issouven’s cinnamon is an ingenious touch of spices in the original Wary recipe. I am not the biggest fan of ground cinnamon. Jane Hornby uses vanilla in the BBC Good Food magazine, so I use ginger but I can mix it with my favorite sweetener. Or, if you feel especially Puritan, you can really give it up completely.
Hornby’s “Sussex Pudding Pudding” is a quick substitute, baked in the oven, covered with a layer of lemon butter sauce, filled with large pieces of braised fruit, like the world Like the cake on the upside down. Although testers think more cakes are needed to balance the sweet, fresh “puddle,” it is a good bet if time is tight.

Interestingly, although now commonly referred to as lemon pudding, earlier versions did not include this: Glover’s fillings had no fruit at all, and Wally advised the use of apples or gooseberries. According to Ysewijn say, Grigson 1974 year was the first recipe includes a complete lemon – a inspired choice because although this is not the sweetest look and saw under the sun yellow fruit heap collapsed it even more cream cakes Impressed. If you wish, it can be said is the pre-Instagram era, a H Blumenthal copy of a considerable success on the hidden orange Christmas pudding he created a few years ago for a famous supermarket.

Smith cut into her personal version of fruits, Hornby mix of enthusiasm and chunks of meat ground, but for sheer drama, you can not beat Greg versions: an example of unwavering sure to use instead Stimulate its release of juice, as she suggested, I suggest to cut it almost completely to ensure that it can soften normally. If you want to solve a whole lemon, believe me, it cooks better.

If you do not like lemons, you might prefer Ysewijn’s large apples (make sure you’re using a diet rather than cooking so they do not dissolve into a paste). Or Catherine Phipps’s advice to Kumquat in the Citrus book may sound like a particularly good choice for personal pudding. Mary Berry filled her puddings with lemon and apples in her recipe to keep her crackers from collapsing, and Grigson claims she has also used the lemons for her success. Lemon sour, however, needs some beating.

Ice cream and fruit are delicious, but the Sussex Pond is a special occasion pudding: if you’re going to steam for four hours, you’d better be able to make it a collection of socks. Butter is a must, of course, white, golden yellow, light yellow and light-colored with white sugar, especially sales in the final caramel taste, despite everything works well, so use whatever you happen to be delivered.

If you are not brave enough to insist on a whole lemon, I suggest adding some grated enthusiasm even if you fill it with apples or other fruits: bitter is rich in pastry brilliant halibut and butter syrup sauce.

Traditionally, these puddings were probably made of cloth, a way I tried for the Glover version. Surprisingly, it’s not as good as butter in a bowl, but boiled pudding is definitely more durable than its steamed counterpart, so I would not recommend it unless in extreme cases.

As with Ysewijn’s proposal to prevent blocking, using a basin is much easier (if you make a personal version, you can use a lot of pots, or you can spend half the time cooking it). (In my lucky experience, pudding seldom does but is more secure than sorry.) She also provided enlightenment that pudding can be cooked in the soup pool in the oven, much easier than cooking on the stove Less than the way of steaming windows. In addition, it can make a space on the hob for a plate of custard. perfect.

Perfect … Sussex pond pudding
Supply 6-8
150 grams of spontaneous flour
A broken grated sheepskin salt
? teaspoon grated ginger (optional) 50
Ml of milk 50
Ml of water
100g butter, cube, plus extra grease
100 grams of soft brown sugar
1 wax-free lemon

Apply a large area of ??greaseproof paper to a 750 ml pudding bowl. Heat the oven to 180C / 350F / gas mark 4 (if used) and boil the kettle.

Mix flour, suet, salt and ginger in a large bowl. Mix milk and water and pour into bowl. Stir to make it a hard dough, add more liquid or flour if you feel too dry or too soft.

Place the pot in a steamer, either in a large pan, in a large enough pan, and pour it into boiling water until one-third of the basin. Bring a small heat, cover the oven for about 4 hours, fill up with water if necessary.

Take the pan out of the pan, cut the handle and the paper, place the pudding on a plate with a lip on the rim and the juice inside, and the pudding will droop, but do not worry – after all, it looks and Not all pudding. Cut into pieces (preferably straight through the top of the pudding lemon now, and use a frozen cream.