This week I was wearing a suit jacket


Please tell me you already have this jacket, or a very similar jacket. If not, then if you do not mind explaining what you are doing in the past four months? This is how long this gray or beige suit jacket is the new key to the wardrobe of adult fashion connoisseurs. Last September at New York Fashion Week, I put on my clothes for the first time. A week later, a performance in London became a front uniforms, making us look like the chief executive of fashion magazines. (In a sense, we are like that). At Gucci in Milan, I counted 11 versions in fashion shows. At the end of Paris Fashion Week, I had to readjust it as it is falling apart. (Oh, the pleasure of a high street deal.)

In other words, if you do not have this jacket (bespoke, check that soft gray scale in gray to gray) then get one. To do this, you have my blessing in the foreseeable future, ignoring all other diktats in style, as the jacket will stand entirely on your own gaze.

You need to wear jacket clothes, but you already have. The easiest way to wear it is to thrive on a simple piece of clothing. A pair of jeans and a white T-shirt; all black polo neck, skirts and leggings; a white shirt and navy tailor-made pants. Simpler, more vivid, the effect is more chic. Keep the smallest detail: a pair of simple gold hoop earrings, and a classic swimmer praise.
I did not look this way here because I’m sure you can take a picture without my help. I’m showing another way to make a jacket, this dress is worn on the long-sleeved dress. I like to wear long-sleeved dress, which is a highly dramatic, low-cost appearance, about 10 people wearing bodysuits in 12 British months. But now the bodyguard feels a little outdated, and weird, and those loosely calm and modern, but eventually may be a little more tarot than I usually aim in the office. The suit jacket above solves both of these problems, bringing in a host of gowns you think are on the way out.

Do not worry about “clashes” with graphics or floral motifs: a soft check counts as neutral. no excuse. I think you will find this jacket is required.