In real fashion, these are your shoes.


In real fashion, these are your shoes.

After a big fashion show, there is always a tendency to jump the runway into real life. After the Paris men’s fashion week, there is at least one more question: do shoes need their own shoes?

Chinese fashion brand Sankuanz hopes the answer is absolute.

Its design team is wearing a male model of high-heeled sneakers on the runway – never really hitting the runway.

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Alexander wang talked about why he was leaving New York City and his new business model.

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“They are deformable sneakers, there is a layer of the outer protective sandals, you can enter the Velcro Velcro, strap, or you can take them to be removed,” Courtney Sankuanz publicist Wittich how to describe this concept.

But in the end, they look like big pads, rubber and plastic plastic surgery Birkenstocks – with magic straps and straps – and tie them to the top of existing shoes.

Or they look like rubber shoes with an open concept. It’s up to you.

Sankuanz shows them in black and beige on the runway.

“I think they will be very popular,” Wittich said. “I mean, you know, the streets are dirty, people want to protect their shoes, especially if they pay a lot of money for them.”

When it goes on sale in August, the sandals cost about $355.

“You can walk on them completely, and it gives you an extra layer of protection, and then the height,” Wittich said.

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Chinese fashion brand Sankuanz has launched shoe – made sandals at the Paris men’s fashion week.

/ by Sankuanz.

This is an advantage if you want to be taller – but some are not.

For those who saw the Sankuanz show last month, there is no doubt that these things have made an impression.

Lily Templeton, a fashion journalist based in Paris, said the shoes were not inconsistent with the Chinese company’s brand image.

“It seemed to fit Sankuanz shows aesthetics – looks like a dystopian, growing – no matter what you grow – even if it is a world after the end of the world,” said templeton.

‘layers of clothing are now a real trend – and it’s all working,’ says Mr. Templeton.

Berlin’s new adidas sneaker comes with a train ticket.

The similarity

Berlin’s new adidas sneaker comes with a train ticket.

‘a lot of designers want to give you flexibility to change your clothes, so why not change your shoes?’ she says.

Once you add shoes to your shoes, what’s the next step? Your shoes… Shoes on shoes? Wittich of Sankuanz does say that there is a limit to the appearance of this layering.

“We haven’t heard of any third-generation products so far, but if we know that, we’ll let you know,” Wittich said.

“So far” is the key word.