“The assassination of gianni versace” provided a juicy, serious problem.


“The assassination of gianni versace” provided a juicy, serious problem.

The FX series “American crime story” revisited the 1997 Italian designer murder. John bowles said the show in the 1990s showed a mobile gay fear portrait in the United States.


This is fresh air. The latest installment of the FX limited series “American crime story” will begin tomorrow. It is called “the assassination of gianni versace,” and it tells the story of the murder of a fashion designer in 1997. The series is written by Ryan Murphy and is based on the “vulgar story” written by Maureen Orth. Our critic John Powers has a comment.

JOHN POWERS, wired: it’s easy to make TV shows about murder, and that’s why they’re doing it. It is difficult to make a murder story more important than murder. Ryan Murphy stands out in the first FX collection, “American crime story: the people VOJ Simpson.” Of course, once the program has captured a lot of ratings and emmys, it’s a question that murphy might be able to do.

We in the “American crime story: gianni versace’s assassination” got the answer, in which solves another murder a splash purpose – 1997 with the Italian designer is famous for its gorgeous warm. In a book by the journalist Maureen oster, murphy examines the details that most of us never knew or soon forgot, but we never knew or were quick to forget.

The series began sporadically. It was a sunny Miami Beach morning when two men were heading for a deadly collision. One of them is versace, played by the wonderful Venezuelan actor Edgar rameez, who swan through his Mediterranean villa. The other is Andrew Cunanan. This is the “glee” star of darren kris, a gay courtesan and a towering figure who yearns to wait for him on the beach and on the streets. It is here. He found a fashion icon outside the villa, shot him and sneaked into Florida’s sunshine.

In the next nine episodes, screenwriter Tom rob Smith picks out the murder. He showed us a sister donatella versace, played by slightly beautification Penelope cruz of guerrilla warfare, damien and his long-term partner Antonio, this is a singer Ricky Martin played a fool.

More importantly, he tells the story of the killer, but tells the story in reverse order. Every new program will be able to describe and help explain california-born Cunanan’s brutal journey across the United States on his way to Miami Beach. Mr. Cunnan briefly met Mr. Versace a few years before the murder. Here, we see him trying to impress the designer, claiming to have grown up to be the son of a pineapple baron in the Philippines.

(TV show, “American crime story: GIANNI VERSACE fight”)

DARREN CRISS :(as Andrew Cunanan) for my first job, I worked for my father in pineapple plantations in the Philippines – can you imagine? – pick them in the midday sun. You should have seen me. My father is a soldier. He was the pilot of the first lady of the Philippines, imelda marcos.

EDGAR RAMIREZ :(as gianni versace) really?

Chris :(like Andrew cunnan) yes. He flew over one of the old planes, the type that buddy Holly had died. Bichibonanza, if you know, they’ll be called. Because imelda panicked, he would set them free on the ground. This is a true story. My father would tell her, imelda, that when you fly a plane at 400 miles an hour, it doesn’t matter how tall you are, when you fly in a wobbly jar.

Ramirez :(as gianni versace) and you moved to America.

Chris :(just like Andrew kunanan) my father wants me to have the best education, which I have, of course. He’s out of the army now. Because he can, he runs all his business from abroad. Who knows that pineapple has so much money? He was here a few days ago. He’s just in town. He and his boyfriend drove his rolls Royce as a driver.

Ramirez :(as gianni versace) boyfriend.

Chris :(just like Andrew kunanan) please don’t ask.

Ramirez :(as gianni versace) does your father have a boyfriend?

Chris :(like Andrew cunernan) he left my mother and ran away with a young man working on a plantation.

POWERS: it should come as no surprise that “the assassination of gianni versazi” is not as rich or thrilling as “the people VOJ Simpson”. After all, it was the most fascinating murder in any of our lifetimes. However, the new series is still worth watching. Murphy is at his best when he USES tabloid materials, and restructures it to deal with serious problems without eliminating its juicy nature. The “OJ” series is full of questions about race, class, gender and celebrity. The first season of murphy’s series “Feud” is not just a fight between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, but a sympathetic story about how Hollywood USES and maltreats women.

“Versace” is the way it expanded from the murder of the same name to homophobia and homophobia in the United States in the 1990s. In his sweeping the carnival, kunar south met a direct merchant in the marriage, in this case the troubled wives, specially be expelled from the army’s gay naval officer don’t ask, don’t say. Although kunar south left a clear clue, but continues to the police and the FBI investigation, because they found gay life so strange and unfair, that they’re in anti-gay stereotypes, rather than look at the evidence.

Now, the versace family is already complaining that the series is full of mistakes, and there is no doubt that things have been fictionalized. However, the show was far from Versace or his circle. Marten’s Antonio looks warm and decent, while cruise’s donatella, though difficult but loving, is far from the ironic “Saturday night live” of Maya rudolph. As for janey herself, in ramirez’s radiant performance, he seemed too divine, if any.

In fact, as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear – and perhaps even a bit too clear – versace and kuannan are contradictory. They embody almost the opposite way of life, one of creativity and vitality, the other being tortured and lost in death. Criss is great because of the creepy Cunanan, a highly intelligent dreamer, and the nervous appearance of a psychopathic narcissist who is afraid of mediocrity. The villain of this “American crime story” sees the distinction between fame and notoriety as a textbook product of our celebrity culture. He is a hollow man who will do anything to be the center of attention.

Davis: John bowles writes about movies and television for Vogue and vogue.com. At tomorrow’s show, millions of americans are implanting medical devices — artificial hips and knees, heart stents, pacemakers, and so on. We’re going to talk to medical journalist Jeanne Lenzer, who says that the approval of medical devices is far less than the drug review, and that some can cause injury or even death. Her new book is “the danger inside us”. I hope you can join us.


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