Pharrell is the first person to build a chanel bag, pushing any boundaries?


Pharrell is the first person to build a chanel bag, pushing any boundaries?
In the last week, phil Williams created the first ever chanel handbag campaign. In Paris fashion company with a long history in a video released, the musician in brand tweed jacket into an empty sound field, and the camera is put around him, the hobo bag black crocodile leather and suede. Although Kristen Stewart, Cara Delevingne and fashion designer Caroline DE Maigret will also participate in this activity, since 1983 has been responsible for chanel Karl unabashed Lagerfeld, said his intention was to prove the package can be “a lot of the dress in a different environment. For example, maybe (or maybe not) the men of the 11th grammy awards.
This partnership is due to the fact that over the past two years, gender binaries have become increasingly chaotic on the runway. Alessandro Michele Gucci series – sequins, lace and systemic grid neutral combustion – and Raf Simons designed for Calvin Klein debut in February in the runway are examples of recent two very successful, they set up a different color on the red carpet. It’s not entirely new for Pharrell to be comfortable in a chanel dress; He presented a peach blossom suit jacket for the 2016 grammy awards in Paris in December at the ritz hotel in Paris, and was regularly stacked on top of the brand’s top jewels. Last year, he was still on the unisex footwear market dipped his toes, for adidas to forge a series of super saturation Stan Smith sneakers, it is part of the partnership in 2014, sold out in less than 48 hours.
But since DMC DMC’s 1986 song “my adidas”, adidas sneakers have become part of the hip-hop dialogue – one thing. The man who started with the Neptunes and then made music for Jay Z suggested that straight men should and should have their girlfriends’ handbags become their own handbags? It is completely against the male in the history of the core and “clearly defined gender roles in the hip hop world”, part-time, an assistant professor in the institute of fashion technology, the author of “free Stylin” Elena Romero said: “hip hop how to change the fashion industry.
You might argue that Pharrell chanel there’s another clue, it embodied the hip-hop artist’s long-term practice, through the traditional female elements into their aesthetic to challenge or redefine gender identity and some pieces of lenovo. For example, diamond stud earrings in the 90 s became a symbol of masculinity and the symbol of success, these earrings are made like QiuDiDi, tupac and jay Z hip-hop mogul wear. The use of skinny jeans instead of supersize is another very representative product, a very visible shift. The lace, which was worn by men in the 17th century to show wealth and then to concentrate on the bride’s femininity, Jimi Hendrix wore a Bohemian style and became flamboyant through the prince. But this is a new style star, Wiz Khalifa, a budding streetwalker who made textiles more avant-garde when he wore a black lace shirt at the Hedi Slimane movement in saint Laurent. (Khalifa’s style consultant eventually went to work at Kanye.) The heavily tattooed Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been compared to Andre 3000, who was stunned when he slipped into a pleated Alessandro Trincone for the cover of the 2016 remix. Jaden Smith, who has long advocated the importance of trying personal style, offered a head-to-foot dress for the final fantasy of Louis vuitton in the summer/spring 2016.
Whether or not you think every one of them is a fashion anomaly, they are all about the masculinity of the hip-hop world.
But should we expect these boundaries to continue to blur? Romero doesn’t think so. “The fashion to the extreme – there are A few artists think Pharrell, Kanye, A $AP Rocky, however, eclecticism clothing is A minority, I don’t see wear A skirt or dress traditional average hip-hop head most people think this is the ‘gay’, is not acceptable in society. ”
Instead, she points out that early female rappers were the ones who had the greatest influence on gender identity. “In the early days of the hip-hop, most of the young lady dressed like dress, including myself, besides hairstyle and accessories, we also in brass buckle belt, adidas roof, color jeans and li LeTigre shirt, sheepskin coat and gazelles glasses, like a man,” she said. “To some extent, the early hip-hop women dress is in order to meet the boy – whether through music, dance or art, once can be comfortable in the spotlight, there is space to experiment.”
In essence, the early female hip-hop pioneers wanted to convey the power of their lyrical abilities, thereby diluting their libido to make their talents shine. Romero listed Roxanne Shante, salt-n-pepa, MC Lyte and Queen Latifah, and they brought with them the sensitivity of the black center – as an example. “Missy Elliot is super sporty,” she said. As her name suggests, girls like Rokafella must “rock like a rock band”. ”
One of the biggest problems in the hip-hop world, she says, is the notion that the black body is oversexed and “selling sex is as important as displaying lyrical talent.” So, despite the Pharrell decided to proudly wear $4000 worth of Chanel handbag, hoping to inspire more men continue to try, but perhaps it is ms MC began to enter the men’s clothing market.