Weekend travel guide: where do you live, eat, drink and play in Boston


Welcome to MarieClaire.com’s weekend travel series – a smart girl’s guide to take full advantage of this wonderful two-day holiday.

Patriotic, passionate and passionate Boston is unique. The city is full of history, music and cuisine, but it is small and low-key and can be experienced only on a weekend. Don’t go to the ducks and don’t go to the “Cheers Bar” to see these awesome, unfamiliar places.

The following are the places that must be eaten in beans.

Where to eat and drink

At the Hotel Bostonia, you can start your journey from an unforgettable bloody Mary. For $18, you get a crazy “Bloody Mary’s Bar” – the rule is that starting from vodka or tequila, fill your cup with something you can afford. You must have a strategy here because ingredients range from mini doughnuts to chicken wings. Tips: Use celery sticks as your basis.

Next, go to the harbor area and have a mouth-watering lunch. One of Boston’s most popular institutions, Bark Crab, sits in the water. Here you can find the best seafood (don’t miss the peel, eat shrimp and old bay seasonings). If you do not feel suspicious, you can go to the nearby Mediterranean Restaurant Committee. I highly recommend the rotating Tzatziki trio.

Prepare a cocktail? Check out the lookout at the Messenger Hotel’s rooftop. Here you can see the panorama of the Boston skyline and delicious wine. Even if you don’t have a bean town in the summer months, this place is valid all year round. In the winter, it will turn into an “Igloo” theme bar. There is also a harpoon brewery near the harbour. This usually overcrowded brewery offers year-round tours, breweries made with beer, and a wide variety of wine samples – it’s always a good time.

One of my favorite Boston experiences was a big meal at Lolita, a dark, rustic Mexican restaurant in two places (all great). At the beginning of the dinner, you can taste grapefruit (made of tequila and dry ice) and end it with a weird spin on marshmallows. Prepare a laid-back dinner in a stunning atmosphere. Other must-eat dishes include the Barcelona Bar and the hive at the south end of London.

As regards desserts, you can go to the north end of Boston, which is influenced by Italy. Not to be missed is the famous place where the famous cannoli, Mike’s pastry, and family-owned neighbors, modern pastry.

Familiar with the urban landscape. No matter what season, Boston is picturesque, so you can capture the beautiful ivy brown stone, brick building and vast park through your inner photographer. First, go to the Deep Bay Community where there are Victorian apartments and the famous Newbury Street is a world-class shopping center. Here, you can also see Boston Park and Boston Park, where you can see people watching in the park, riding a swan boat into the pond in good weather, and skating in the winter. End your trip to Deep Bay and enjoy a drink or a bite at the top of the center, on the top floor of the Prudential Mansion, restaurant and cocktail bar. This is the best place to get these #views.

Get some exercise and buy a green ticket. Even if you are not a Red Sox fan, you have to go to Fenway Stadium to watch a game. The Fenway community itself is an experience. Before the game, active fans line up on the streets, have a lot of souvenirs, and there are countless bars before and after the game.

Finally, history. If you visit one of the oldest cities in the United States and do not test your understanding of the founding of the United States, then you are wrong. Boston’s museums are amazing. In the harbour area alone, you can do a day’s inspection at the Boston Tea Party Museum, the Fire Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Art – a striking beachfront institution overlooking the harbor.

There are many accommodation options in this city. The best place to stay depends on the season. In the center of summer, no bit makes better place. Located on the seafront, this hotel is elegant, stylish and innovative in design. In good weather, there are some good options, such as colonnades and verbs, which all have a rooftop pool. In the winter, you can spend comfortably at the Mandarin Oriental or the Boston Harbor Hotel with its lovely open fire. If you’re looking for a more bespoke feel, check out Airbnb’s home and maybe you’re planning on exploring the Deep Bay community.